The primary goal of NSTA's Learning Center is to enhance the personal learning for teachers by providing a suite of tools, resources and opportunities to support their individual long-term professional growth based on their unique learning needs and preferences. This is facilitated in conjunction with a moderated professional learning community and an innovative badge system to recognize teachers' contributions. The NSTA Learning Center is helping tens of thousands of educators improve their confidence and competence in the science subjects they are charged to teach. From across the United States teachers spend hours each week working through self-directed interactive web modules, attending live web seminars, reading e-books, and completing in-depth online courses for graduate credit. Free online advisors provide live chat support assisting educators with their resource requests and pedagogical needs. Over 247,009 educators to date are participating in our community, adding over 2,593,505 resources across their personal libraries from the more than 12,000 available. Through our community they create forums, share resources, collections, and best practices, and discuss teaching ideas with like-minded colleagues.

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