Featured herein are several national awards the NSTA Learning Center has received since 2007. The NSTA Learning Center is a scalable and sustainable e-PD solution with high quality resources and planning tools developed to assist both individual and groups of teachers at the school, district, or state levels with their ongoing PD efforts. With over 80,000 educators and 200 unique state/district/school deployments adding over 600,000 resources across their personal libraries, the NSTA Learning Center appreciates these distinctions. If you have input you would like to provide, please do not hesitate to use our help desk ticket system to provide us with feedback.

Featured Awards and Recognition

Exploratory Research on Designing Online Communities
US Department of Education:
Exploratory Research on Designing Online Communities

In October of 2014 the US Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology hosted a connected educator month, highlighting an award winning web site focused on how to build and sustain successful communities online. In conjunction with this initiative, they released a 37 page report titled: Exploratory Research on Designing Online Communities of Practice for Educators to Create Value: Details on how to design and manage online communities of practice for educators is the substance of this report. It provides preliminary empirical evidence that participation in online communities creates value for educators, their students, and their schools and districts. The NSTA Learning Center is featured as one of the online communities of practice highlighted in this research.

District Toolkit, Expanding the Circle, Closing th e Loop
US Department of Education:
District Toolkit: Expanding the Circle, Closing the Loop.

In September of 2013 the US Department of Education hosted a connected educator month, highlighting an award winning web site focused on how to build and sustain successful communities online. In conjunction with this initiative, they released a 31 page district toolkit written by district-level educators with many years of experience depicting the four levels of community participation, ranging from curious to motivated, supportive and finally collaborative.

It contains sections created especially for school systems at different levels of connectedness, with case exemplars from different organizations. It is full of embedded video interviews and helpful links. The NSTA Learning Center was delighted to be selected and featured as one of two organizations hosting truly collaborative online communities at the highest level of engagement.

Dr. Byers, Assistant Executive Director of e-Learning at NSTA, was also featured as a "connected educator" and has been interviewed several times for his thoughts on how he leverages online collaboration, and what are some of the guiding principles. Theories, and strategies behind their design of the Learning Center.

2012 eSchool Media Readers' Choice Award
2012 eSchool Media Readers' Choice Award
Honorable Mention
Sponsored by: eSchool Media Inc.

Each year eSchool Media Inc. honors the best products and services in education technology. Practicing educators along with school and college administrators from across North America nominated the NSTA Learning Center as their favorite ed-tech product or service.

Nominations could include any hardware, software, or online service in any area of education technology. The winning products and/or services were divided into three categories: K-12, Higher-Education, and Honorable Mention.

2009 Golden Lamp Awards
2009 Golden Lamp Awards Finalist
Category: Professional Development
Sponsored by: The Association of Educational Publishers

The Golden Lamp Awards are one of educational publishing's longest-running and most prestigious traditions. The category of Professional Development incudes products directed at the education professional and contain information on classroom management, instructional techniques, and education theory and practice.

The NSTA Learning Center has been recognized as one of four Professional Development (PD) finalists given its entry as a scalable and sustainable solution with high quality e-PD resources, opportunities, and planning tools to assist both individual educators and district administrators with their ongoing local face-to-face PD efforts. We appreciate this distinction by the Association of Educational Publishers.

2007 Learning Content Management Project of the Year:
The NSTA Learning Center, Training Magazine, 2007

The awards are the first time these have been offered by Training Magazine and the judges included an esteemed panel, several of which are listed below:

  • Jay Cross, chief scientist, Internet Time Group
  • Margaret Driscoll, learning and development consultant, IBM Business Consulting Services
  • Charles Jennings, global head of learning, Reuters, UK
  • Michael McGinnis, training manager, Bose Corporation
  • Bryan Chapman, chief learning strategist, Chapman Alliance LLC
  • Sonya Calooy, senior learning design professional, Shell Learning
  • Andy Gibbons, author, "Computer-Based Instruction: Design and Development," chair, Department of Instructional Psychology and Technology, BYU

Our selection for the Learning Content Management Project of the Year was one category, which NSTA now holds company with other first time awardees such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, Peace Corps, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco Systems.

2007 Learning Leader: Organizational Management Excellence for
The NSTA Learning Center, Bersin & Associates, 2007

The Bersin & Associates Learning Leaders Program is a research-driven program designed to recognize innovation and excellence in critical areas of corporate training. Bersin & Associates recognizes up to 18 organizations that have developed and implemented unique and innovative approaches to learning and development resulting in significant business improvement.

Prior 2006 winners include General Motors, MetLife, Symantec Corporation, and Alcatel-Lucent to name a few. The NSTA Learning Center e-Learning portal received the distinction as one of the 2007 award recipients for Organizational Management Excellence.

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