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5-LS1-1 Unit Plan

Lesson and unit plan for performance expectation.

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Building a Food Web Model- Poster


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Constructing an Ecosystem Model- EcoColumn

5-LS2-1, 5-LS1-1

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Creative Writing and the Water Cycle Book Chapter PDF File
Flow of Matter and Energy in Ecosystems SciPack Web Page
Formative Assessment Probes: Food for Plants: A Bridging Concept Journal Article PDF File
Formative Assessment Probes: Needs of Seeds Journal Article PDF File
Formative Assessment Probes: Uncovering Representations of the Water Cycle Journal Article PDF File
Gathering Evidence, Plants do not rely on soil

Day 1 of the lesson plan. Used to help create an experiment for the unit.

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I don't need you soil!

Super great unit plan on not 5-LS1-1. 15-day lessons at 1 hour a piece.

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Interdependence of Life SciPack Web Page
Interdependence of Life: Organisms and Their Environments Science Object Web Page
Is It a Plant? Book Chapter PDF File
Native Plants and Seeds, Oh My! Journal Article PDF File
Nature Detectives Journal Article PDF File
Observing Nature Book Chapter PDF File
Preconceptions- LS2-1, LS1-1

LS2-1, LS1-1

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Science 101: Do plants communicate? Journal Article PDF File
Teaching Through Trade Books: Adaptations for Survival Journal Article PDF File
What do you need to know to build a functioning Ecosystem?- Unit

Understanding the importance of the resources necessary for plants to survive is laid out to help students, in turn, lay out a full unit of building their own, working ecosystem. They end the unit with a built model of an ecosystem that includes an aquarium and terrarium together!

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What Does an Animal Eat? Book Chapter PDF File
What Grows There? Journal Article PDF File
What is an Ecosystem?

5-LS2-1, 5-LS1-1

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Worms Are for More Than Bait Book Chapter PDF File