Stars and Brightness Collection


I am going to teach my 5th graders about the brightness of sun and stars and their distance from the earth. I want to start off by teaching them about the characteristics of stars. Then guide them to realize that a sun is a star. My next step would be to have them explore the distances of the the stars from the earth. Finally, I want them to learn how brightness of the stars is due to their distance from the Earth. All of these resources have rich information about stars, sun, and brightness, and there are several activities that will help the students develop their ideas and knowledge related to the topic of stars and their brightness. All of these items are rich with information related to the topic/theme/ideas mentioned above.

  • Elementary

Resources in “Stars and Brightness” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
External Resource: Desk Top Stars: How far away is it? The Inverse Square Law External Resource Web Page
Is the Sun a Star? Book Chapter PDF File
Scope on the Skies: The brightest stars in the sky Journal Article PDF File
Universe: The Sun as a Star Science Object Web Page
What Are Stars Made Of? Book Chapter PDF File