Slime Sampler from Molly Conway's book: "Slime Sorcery" Collection


Molly Conway authored a book that highlighted many variations on slime and she sent me some sample pages. The book has 97 recipes!

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Resources in “Slime Sampler from Molly Conway's book: "Slime Sorcery"” Collection

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1 Slime_Recipes.docx User File DOCX File
2 Marshmallow_Fluff_Slime.docx User File DOCX File
3 Strawberry_jam.jpg User File JPG File
4 Marshmallow_Fluff.jpg User File JPG File
5 Mermaid_Scales_Slime_3.jpg User File JPG File
6 Cameron_s_fluffy_midnight.jpg User File JPG File
7 Confetti_Birthday_Cake_3.jpg User File JPG File
8 Crunchy_Slime_vertical.jpg User File JPG File