Pop Bottle Ecosystems Collection


Here are some handouts, rubrics, worksheets and an sample student journal for doing pop bottle ecosystems in your classroom. Suitable for grades 4 through 12

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Resources in “Pop Bottle Ecosystems” Collection

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1 Pop_Bottle_Ecosystems_Instructions_-_US_Fish_and_Game_handout.pdf

How to create your ecosystems

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2 Pop_Bottle_Ecosystems_Introduction_and_preparation_handout.docx User File DOCX File
4 Pop_Bottle_Ecosystems_Logbook_exemplar.pdf

A sample of a group's logbook to be used as an example for completing observations.

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5 Pop_Bottle_Ecosystems_Student_worksheet_-_Materials_needed_for_their_ecosystem.d.docx

A 'shopping list' that students need to complete in order to build their ecosystems. Done after researching their organisms.

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6 Group_Work_Evaluation.docx User File DOCX File
7 Pop_Bottle_Ecosystems_Logbook_rubric.docx User File DOCX File
8 7_ecosystems.pdf User File PDF File