Chemical Reactions: Reversible or Irreversible Collection


This is a collection with information about chemical reactions as well as reversible and irreversible reactions.

  • Elementary

Resources in “Chemical Reactions: Reversible or Irreversible” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
Building Background Knowledge Journal Article PDF File
Cells and Chemical Reactions: Basics of Metabolism Science Object Web Page
Chemical Reactions SciPack Web Page
Favorite Demonstration: Demonstrating Indigo Carmine Oxidation-Reduction Reactions—A Choreography for Chemical Reactions Journal Article PDF File
Liver And Hydrogen Peroxide (Chemical Reactions And Catalysts) Book Chapter PDF File
Reversible and Irreversible Changes (Elementary age)

This is a resource that shows both reactions and discusses if they are reversible or irreversible. It talks about heating, mixing, burning, melting, freezing, etc.

User File Web Page
Reversible and Irreversible Changes game

This is a cool game or resource that may be fun to use when teaching this concept. This is for older students.

User File Web Page
Reversible Changes Website

This demonstrates some reversible changes. If you go to another page, it shows the irreversible changes as well.

User File Web Page
Safety First! Journal Article PDF File
Special Reactions Book Chapter PDF File
Teaching Strategies Book Chapter PDF File
Teaching Through Trade Books: May the Force Be with You! Journal Article PDF File
Tech Trek: A different phase change Journal Article PDF File
Tried and True: The Halloween Lab Journal Article PDF File