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Earth's Changing Surface: Changing Earth From Within Science Object Web Page
Exploring the Evolution of Plate Tectonics Journal Article PDF File
Lab: Observing the Effect Caused by Plate Movements User File Web Page
plate tectonics

This Windows to the Universe interactive webpage connects students to the study and understanding of plate tectonics, the main force that shapes our planets surface. Topics: plate tectonics, lithosphere, subduction zones, faults, ridges.

User File Web Page
Plate Tectonics SciPack Web Page
Plate Tectonics: Diverging, Converging, and Transform Boundaries

This activity allows learners to explore the meaning of plate tectonics, to distinguish the different layers of the Earth, to model the effects caused by plate movements, to explore the reasons for earthquakes and volcanoes, and to discovering how converging plates can create volcanoes. Topics include: converging, crust, diverging, inner core, mantle, outer core, and plate tectonics.

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