Natural Disasters Unit (2-ESS1-1) Collection


During this learning unit, students will learn about volcanoes, weathering, erosion, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. Students should be able to realize that these events can occur quickly or slowly.

  • Elementary

Resources in “Natural Disasters Unit (2-ESS1-1)” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
Earth's Changing Surface: Changing Earth From Within Science Object Web Page
Engineering Encounters: Help Batman Build a Safe and Stable House Journal Article PDF File
Erosion and Weathering Field Trip Lesson Plan

This is a great lesson for teaching weathering and erosion. It can be super fun too!

User File Web Page
Home Connections: 'Round and 'Round Journal Article PDF File
Natural Disaster Overview To Sum Up Unit

This page has information about every type of natural disaster. After I have taught students the entire natural disaster unit, we will look at this website to see what students have learned. This will be used as a small summative assessment.

User File Web Page
Science 101: Can we protect our communities from natural disasters? Journal Article PDF File
Science Sampler: Connecte2d Teaching—A comprehensive resource for teaching science using earthquakes Journal Article PDF File
Shake It Up: Earthquakes and Damage to Buildings Book Chapter PDF File
The Great Outdoors: Field Trips Near and Far Book Chapter PDF File
Volcano Eruption Lesson Plan User File Web Page
Volcanoes and Earthquake Tracking App User File Web Page