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Resource materials for K-12 STEM educators to access for classroom support in differentiating their curriculum.

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Resources in “Differentiated Instruction Fall 2015” Collection

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A Teacher's Perspective: Programs for Teaching English Language Learners Book Chapter PDF File
Assessment and Student Success in a Differentiated Classroom

This will help you develop an understanding of how to improve your assessment process in all grade levels and subject areas. Discover how to use pre-assessments, formative assessments, summative assessments, grading, and report cards to differentiate teaching.

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AuthenticActivityIdeas.pdf User File PDF File
Carol Ann Tomlinson

Video clips of Carol Ann Tomlinson and others concerning Differentiation. This takes you through, "What is it" to differentiation strategies.

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Creating and Delivering Differentiated Science Content Through Wikis Journal Article PDF File
Curriculum Compacting Journal Article PDF File
Customizing Curriculum With Digital Resources Journal Article PDF File
Designing Assessments Journal Article PDF File
Differentiate Instruction on Mixed Ability Classrooms, 2nd Edition

This is one of the most popular books by Carol Ann Tomlinson. It meets the needs and answers the questions of teachers who are in regular classrooms trying to meet a variety of student needs.

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Differentiated Classroom.Key Principles of

This is a nuts and blots site with basic information including terminology. Key principles of differentiation and strategies are included.

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Presentation slides on Differentiated Assessment

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Easy to watch and understand, this engages the reader and shows elements of differentiated instruction. Comparing the differentiated classroom to the traditional classroom is a component of building understanding concerning what a differentiated classroom looks like. Lots of teaching strategies including graphic organizers.

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Differentiation Through Choice: Using a Think-Tac-Toe for Science Content Journal Article PDF File
Differentiation.8 Lessons Learned

This is a perspective of a middle school teacher who shares insight gained from a conference. She sorts it out and shares what she learned through organizing it into 8 lessons learned -- quick and easy to read with great insight.

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Differentiation_and_the_Common_Core_by_H_Wolfe_Teacher_Created_Materials.pdf User File PDF File
Differentiation_Handout.pdf User File PDF File
Differentiation_Presentation.pptx User File PPTX File
Differentiation_Resources.docx User File DOCX File
DifferentiationIntroPwrpnt.pdf User File PDF File
Editor’s Roundtable: Differentiated instruction to the rescue! Journal Article PDF File
Editor’s Roundtable: Monitoring and assessing student learning Journal Article PDF File
Editor's Roundtable: All Teachers Can Learn From Special Education Practices Journal Article PDF File
Examining Language To Capture Scientific Understandings: The Case of the Water Cycle Journal Article PDF File
Example_Lessons_From_Presentation.doc User File DOC File
Framework_for_Planning_Differentiated_Science_Lessons.docx User File DOCX File
From Misconceptions to Conceptual Change Journal Article PDF File
Guest Editorial: The Root of the Problem Journal Article PDF File
Handouts_Differentiation.pdf User File PDF File
HWolfe_Handouts_Differentiation.pdf User File PDF File
Idea Bank: Performance-Based Assessment Journal Article PDF File
Ideas_for_Activities_with_Inclusion_Students.pdf User File PDF File
In Praise of Performance-Based Assessments Journal Article PDF File
Lab_Notebook_Full_Page_Format.docx User File DOCX File
Learning Science Using Music Journal Article PDF File
Methods and Strategies: Alternative Assessments for English Language Learners Journal Article PDF File
Methods and Strategies: Integrated Assessments for ELL Journal Article PDF File
Methods and Strategies: Science Success for Students With Special Needs Journal Article PDF File

Modified IEP Lab Format

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Nagle_NSTA_differentiation_2012_ppt.pdf User File PDF File

Description and assessment rubric for To Build or Not to Build (Pipeline Project)

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Reaching more of your learners where they are at: Differentiation by Readiness

NSTA 2015/Chicago

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Science Sampler: Differentiated assessment Journal Article PDF File
Science Sampler: Helping the environment helps the human race—Differentiated instruction across the curriculum Journal Article PDF File
Science Sampler: Success for all is just a heartbeat away Journal Article PDF File
Science Sampler: Using direct instruction to teach content vocabulary Journal Article PDF File
Science Sampler: Using graphic organizers as formative assessment Journal Article PDF File
Science Sampler: Using the arts to enhance science learning Journal Article PDF File
Science Sampler: Visual formative assessments—The use of images to quickly assess and record student learning Journal Article PDF File
Scientific Journals: A Creative Assessment Tool Journal Article PDF File
sepup_differentiation_nsta2011.pdf User File PDF File
Strategies for Teaching Science to English Learners Book Chapter PDF File
Supporting Special Students: Including special needs students in the science classroom Journal Article PDF File
Teacher’s Toolkit: Improving science instruction through effective group interactions Journal Article PDF File
Teaching by Tiering Journal Article PDF File
Tech Trek: Technologies for special needs students Journal Article PDF File
The New Curriculum Movement in Science Journal Article PDF File
The Prepared Practitioner: An Assessment Primer Journal Article PDF File
Tiered_Graphic_Organizer_Page_2.jpg User File JPG File
Tiered_Graphic_Organizer1.jpg User File JPG File
Tiered_Graphic_Organizer2.jpg User File JPG File
Tiered_Graphic_Organizer3.jpg User File JPG File
Unit Pages: Differentiation for 200 Students Journal Article PDF File
updateguidelines2_0.pdf User File PDF File
Use What Their Mamas Gave 'Em: Students' Cell Phones in Education

A blog post describing (almost) everything you can do with cell phones in the classroom

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Using Formative and Alternative Assessments to Support Instruction and Measure Student Learning Journal Article PDF File
Writing_Activity_for_differentiation_NSTA.pdf User File PDF File