Farming: Environment and Ecosystem Impact Collection


Farming and food production as a way to study soil ecosystems and the impact of farming on the environment

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Resources in “Farming: Environment and Ecosystem Impact” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
External Resource: Erosion and Weathering External Resource Web Page
Methods and Strategies: The Future of Farming Journal Article PDF File
NASA's BEST Students Challenges

Grade K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 Challenges sequenced toward exploration mission to the moon and 5-8 challenges mirroring technology demonstration missions

User File Web Page
Podcast: Engineering Design Challenge: Lunar Plant Growth Chamber: Lunar Farming Podcast M4V File
Resources and Human Impact: Environmental Degradation Science Object Web Page
Shrimp Farming in the Classroom Journal Article PDF File
Soil Studies: Applying acid-base chemistry to environmental analysis Journal Article PDF File
The Biology of Food Journal Article PDF File
Worms Eat School Lunch Too? Journal Article PDF File