Wonders of Science and STEM for Grade 5: Earth Systems Collection


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Resources in “Wonders of Science and STEM for Grade 5: Earth Systems” Collection

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Alaska Seas and Watershed Curriculum for Grades 3-5 User File Web Page
Elementary Globe: We're All Connected: Earth System Interactions User File Web Page
NOAA What-a-Cycle

Through role-playing as a particle of water, students gain an understanding of the complexity of the movement of water through earth’s systems. Stations are set-up for nine different water reservoirs associated with the water cycle. On each turn, students roll the dice at each station and either stay in place or move to a different location. Students track their unique journey through the water cy ...

NGSS@NSTA Vetted Resource Web Page
RAFT: Interactions Between Earth's Spheres User File Web Page
Teach Engineering: One World Ocean User File Web Page
Teaching Through Trade Books: What Shapes the Earth? Journal Article PDF File
Warren Hills Grade 5, Unit 5: Earth Systems User File Web Page
Water Curtain Watershed User File Web Page