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Resources in “Your Choice” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
Assessing Students’ Ideas About Animals: Participate in a new study that examines students' ideas about animals Journal Article PDF File
Atomic Structure: Energy in Atoms Science Object Web Page
Chemical Reactions: Matter and Energy in Reactions Science Object Web Page
Dinosaur Extinction, Early Childhood Style Journal Article PDF File
Dinoviz: Exploring the History and Nature of Science Through the Progression of Dinosaur Visualization Journal Article PDF File
Earth, Sun, and Moon: Motion of the Moon Science Object Web Page
Earth, Sun, and Moon: Our Moving Earth Science Object Web Page
Editor's Note: Animals and the Capacity to Care (September 2007) Journal Article PDF File
Energy: Energy Transformations Science Object Web Page
Explaining Matter with Elements, Atoms, and Molecules: Evidence for Atoms and Molecules Science Object Web Page
Exploring Animals, Glossopedia Style Journal Article PDF File
External Resource: Musical Plates: Plot Current Earthquake Data External Resource Web Page
Force and Motion: Newton's First Law Science Object Web Page
Gravity and Orbits: Orbits Science Object Web Page
Idea Bank: Using Earthquakes as "Teachable Moments" Journal Article PDF File
Inquiry-Based Investigation on the Internet: Sound and the Human Ear Journal Article PDF File
Interdependence of Life: Organisms and Their Environments Science Object Web Page
Interdependence of Life: Species Relationships Science Object Web Page
Introduction: The Environmental Context Book Chapter PDF File
Nature of Light: Characteristics of Light Science Object Web Page
Nutrition SciPack Web Page
Nutrition: What Choices Lead to a Healthy Lifestyle? Science Object Web Page
Nutrition: What Happens to the Food I Eat? Science Object Web Page
Nutrition: What is Food? Science Object Web Page
Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate: Global Climate Patterns Science Object Web Page
Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate: Global Precipitation and Energy Science Object Web Page
Organisms: Grades K-4 SciGuide Web Page
Picture THIS: Taking Human Impact Seriously Journal Article PDF File
Real Earthquakes, Real Learning Journal Article PDF File
Resources and Human Impact: Environmental Degradation Science Object Web Page
Science 101: How do insects help the environment? Journal Article PDF File
Science 101: What Causes Major Wind Patterns, Such as Trade Winds? Journal Article PDF File
Science of Food Safety SciPack Web Page
Science of Food Safety: Food Safety and You Science Object Web Page
Solar System: The Earth in Space Science Object Web Page
Tech trek: Viewing volcanoes Journal Article PDF File
The Early Years: If You Were a Dinosaur… Journal Article PDF File
The Power of Assessing: Guiding Powerful Practices (Book sample chapter) Book Chapter PDF File
The Reasons for the Seasons Journal Article PDF File
Understanding Earthquakes Journal Article PDF File
Volcanoes on the Beach? Journal Article PDF File