Structure and Function/Adaptation Collection


NGSS Performance Expectation: 4-LS1-1. Construct an argument that plants and animals have internal and external structures that function to support survival, growth, behavior and reproduction. This resource collection is comprised of sci packs, book chapters, journal articles and a science probe related to the structure and function of animals and plants as well as their adaptations. These resources provide background information for teachers on the topic as well as activities/lessons that can be implemented in the classroom with students.

  • Elementary

Resources in “Structure and Function/Adaptation” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
About Fish Book Chapter PDF File
Adaptation Book Chapter PDF File
Assessing Students’ Ideas About Plants Journal Article PDF File
Beaks And Biomes: Understanding Adaptation In Migrating Organisms Book Chapter PDF File
Cell Structure and Function SciPack Web Page
Editor’s Note: Approaching Adaptation Journal Article PDF File
Flowers: More Than Just Pretty Book Chapter PDF File
Is It Made of Parts? Book Chapter PDF File
The Early Years: Animal Adventures Journal Article PDF File
The Early Years: Feet First Journal Article PDF File