ISU EDUC 3331 Intro to NGSS Collection


This collection is meant to introduce you to the architecture of the NGSS and help you become familiar with the structure of the 3D standards.

About the Suggested Sequence

1. Watch the overview video on the Teaching Channel.

2. Read and take notes on the Conceptual Shifts

3. Read and take notes on how to read the standards (Inside the Box)(

Disciplinary Core Ideas

4. Watch the overview video on the DCI, take notes

Crosscutting Concepts

5. Watch the Overview video on CCC

6. Read and take notes on the article: The Second Dimension: CCC

7. Read Appendix G: CCC, pgs 1-3 (up to progressions) and pages 11-12 (how CCC are connected)

Science and Engineering Practices

8. Watch Overview Video of SEP

9. Read SEP in NGSS

10. Read Appendix F: pgs. 1-3 Overview

  • Elementary
  • Middle
  • High
  • College

Resources in “ISU EDUC 3331 Intro to NGSS” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
Answers to Teachers' Questions About the Next Generation Science Standards Journal Article PDF File
1 NGSS: A Vision for K-12 Science Education User File Web Page
2 NGSS_Appendix_A__Conceptual_Shifts_in_NGSS.pdf User File PDF File
3 NGSS--How_to_Read_the_NGSS_May_Draft.pdf User File PDF File
4 NGSS: Disciplinary Core Ideas

Teaching Channel Overview VIdeo

User File Web Page
5 NGSS: Crosscutting Concepts

Teaching Channel Video

User File Web Page
6 The Second Dimension—Crosscutting Concepts Journal Article PDF File
7 NGSS_Appendix_G__Crosscutting_Concepts.pdf User File PDF File
8 NGSS: Science and Engineering Practices

Teaching Channel Video

User File Web Page
9 NGSS_Appendix_F__Science_and_Engineering_Practices_in_the_NGSS.pdf User File PDF File