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A collection I plan on using with my Astronomy I students in the spring.

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Asteroid Zoo

Scientists are scanning our solar system for asteroids with the Catalina Sky Survey. They need your help to find asteroids for the exploration of their mineral properties!

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Dawn mission to Ceres

Dawn's goal is to characterize the conditions and processes of its earliest history by investigating in detail two of the largest protoplanets remaining intact since their formation. Ceres and Vesta reside in the main asteroid belt, the extensive region between Mars and Jupiter, along with many other smaller bodies. Each followed a very different evolutionary path, constrained by the diversity of processes that operated during the first few million years of solar system evolution. When Dawn visi

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Hayabusa mission

Japan's space agency just launched Hayabusa 2, an ambitious deep space mission to land on an asteroid, smack it with an interceptor, collect and return samples, and deploy rovers.

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Rosetta mission website

The Rosetta mission will achieve many historic firsts. Rosetta will be the first spacecraft to orbit a comet’s nucleus. It will be the first spacecraft to fly alongside a comet as it heads towards the inner Solar System. Rosetta will be the first spacecraft to examine from close proximity how a frozen comet is transformed by the warmth of the Sun. Shortly after its arrival at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the Rosetta orbiter will despatch a robotic lander for the first controlled touchd

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Science Sampler: NASA’s Dawn mission—Helping define planets, dwarf planets, and asteroids Journal Article PDF File
Science Sampler: Space moves—Adding movement to solar system lessons Journal Article PDF File
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