Web Seminar, 12:00 pm ET, May 20, 2020 Collection


This is a collection of resources related to the web seminar titled: How the OpenSciEd Instructional Model Supports a Coherent Sequence that Addresses Student Questions and Achieves Specified Outcomes. The web seminar took place May 20, 2020.


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Resources in “Web Seminar, 12:00 pm ET, May 20, 2020” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
OpenSciEd_Slides_-_May_20,_2020.pdf User File PDF File
1 OpenSciEd Homepage User File Web Page
2 OpenSciEd Design Specifications User File Web Page
3 OpenSciEd Teacher Handbook User File Web Page
4 OpenSciEd Instructional Model Webinar Agenda and Links User File Web Page
5 OpenSciEd_Teacher_Handbook_8.2019_Beta.pdf User File PDF File
6 OpenSciEd_Instructional_Model_Handout.pdf User File PDF File
7 OpenSciEd_Instructional_Model_Two-Sided_Handout.pdf User File PDF File