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My A&P students created their own WikiPages for class reports on diseases.

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A list of diseases for the WikiPage projects. Groups were written in the boxes under their class period, next to the disease of their choosing.

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This page was filled in and posted on the Student Center board at regular intervals. Student names were filled in the colored boxes, but I removed them for privacy reasons. However, you can still see how I color coded boxes to indicate research (or other reasons which were noted at the top each time) status. Blue boxes were empty with no groups researching that topic.

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Creating and Delivering Differentiated Science Content Through Wikis Journal Article PDF File

How to start your WikiPage: set-up and login.

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WikiPage design orientation - just a VERY general overview of the main page.

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This page was copied and handed out to each student in class one day before projects were due. (I had also included a copy of this with their project requirements at the start.) They had to complete the name field at the top and evaluate their partner on this form. I then collected them back and used them for evaluating the students' presentations and WikiPages.

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This is a very small list of websites that the students could use. I approved websites as needed if students were unsure of their validity. Before the project the students went to the library one day where the librarian gave a lesson on research, citing sources, and what constitutes a valid websites vs. one that is not.

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