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In this collection you will find lessons and resources to introduce middle and high school students to the periodic table

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Being Mendeleev (and Meyer)

You will research certain elements and display your results on tiles that mimic the blocks on a modern periodic table. However, they will contain more data because you and your classmates will investigate various organizations of the elements in a manner similar to Mendeleev and Meyer.

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Carl Sagan on the Elements

A video of Carl Sagan disc discussing the elements

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Chemistry In Its Element

Click on the element and listen to a podcast about it

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Its All On the Table

In the project students learn about the periodic table by creating their own periodic table poster. Overview In Part I of this project, are going to learn lots and lots about the elements so that we can build our own periodic table. In Part II, you will examine elements that are very special to you and describe their relationship to you. Part III will turn into a scavenger hunt as you explore the elements your classmates have studied and discover what each has in common. This will be where we

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Periodic Table Basics

I just love the "cards" used in this lesson. After instructing students on the rules for placing electrons in shells, I have them complete the Bohr models, arrange the elements as they appear on the periodic table and then tell me what elements in the same family have in common. For middle school we paste this mini table onto construction paper and use in in class.

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Periodic Table Live

This site is from the American Chemical Society's Division of Chemical Education (via its Journal of Chemical Education). It will give WebElements a run for it's money! All you want to know about the elements is here - it's well organized and easy to navigate. You can even display the properities of selected selected groups of elements as tabular data or as graphs.

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Periodic Videos

The now classic periodic videos covering elements on the periodic table; brought to you by the University of Nottingham

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Visual Elements

This site provides wonderful pictures of the elements that are often not available in texts, excellent histories of the elements’ discoveries, and nice verbal images that many students will be familiar with. This is still one of my favorite sites for the periodic table.

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