Wonders of Science and STEM for Grade 3: Weather and Climate Collection


Resources in “Wonders of Science and STEM for Grade 3: Weather and Climate” Collection

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Climate Postcards

This lesson provides an engaging way for students to investigate different climates from around the world. The teacher prints postcards from "grandma" along with graphs of climates from five different regions. Students must interpret the graphs to determine what kind of climate "grandma" is experiencing as she travels.

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Elementary Globe: Weather Adds Up to Climate User File Web Page
Hurricane Proof This! Journal Article PDF File
Methods and Strategies: Making the Climate Connection Journal Article PDF File
Nurturing Local-to-Global Thinking Journal Article PDF File
Patterns Investigating Weather and Climate User File Web Page
Teaching Through Trade Books: Forecasting Hazardous Conditions Journal Article PDF File
Teaching Through Trade Books: Seasonal Weather Patterns Journal Article PDF File
Wacky Weather (Severe Weather Engineering Unit)

This article outlines how student groups use multiple sources of information to learn about their assigned weather hazard: hurricanes, tornadoes, or thunderstorms. They then engage in the engineering design process, building a structure that can withstand the weather event as it is modeled using a leaf blower and a water source.

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Waterproof The Roof

In this engineering activity, students are challenged to design and construct a roof that will protect a cardboard house from getting wet. The criteria and constraints for the design is that students need to develop a roofing system for a house that can prevent water from entering with limited materials.

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