Tools for Success: EQuIP rubric and PRP Collection


This collection contains links and information about the EQuIP rubric, a tool for evaluating lessons and units in terms of NGSS quality design. It also has information about the Peer Review Panel and provides access to the quality units that they have reviewed. These quality units contain rubric feedback about WHY the units are high quality and what areas, if any, could be improved with suggestions. This is incredibly valuable knowledge that can be transferred to your own design!

  • Elementary
  • Middle
  • High
  • College

Resources in “Tools for Success: EQuIP rubric and PRP” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
1 EQuIP rubric for science User File Web Page
2 How to Evaluate Lessons and Units using EQuIP blog User File Web Page
3 How to Select and Design Materials that Align to the NGSS User File Web Page
4 Peer Review Panel User File Web Page
5 Peer-reviewed Quality Examples of lessons and units User File Web Page
6 EQuIP-ed for Success Journal Article User File Web Page
7 Crafting a Masterpiece Journal Article User File Web Page
8 NGSS Design Badge User File Web Page