Investigating the Mercalli Intensity Scale Through "Lived Expereice" Collection


These material are useful when using the activity described in the December 2012 Science Scope article of the same name

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Resources in “Investigating the Mercalli Intensity Scale Through "Lived Expereice"” Collection

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Base_map_for_use_with_activity.pdf User File PDF File

This article describes the activity and how to modify the activity for use in your classroom.

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Idealized_Key_for_map.pdf User File PDF File
Mercalli and Richter Comparison Site

This site can be used to help students come up with a Richter Magnitude for the hypothetical EQ in the activity.

User File Web Page
Sample_Student_Map.pdf User File PDF File
Youtube Video for Christchurch, NZ 2010 7.0 EQ

This video can be used to engage students into the discussion of evaluating earthquake damage using the Mercalli Scale.

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