Coronavirus Secondary Lesson Plan and Resources Collection


With the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the news every day – and becoming increasingly sensationalized – your students are likely to have questions and concerns about their own health and safety and that of their family and local community. What better place to ask those questions and investigate how the coronavirus works (i.e., how the it makes us sick, how it is spread, how we can protect ourselves) than the science classroom? Review this NSTA collection to find a new secondary science lesson and additional resources for translating the coronavirus (COVID-19) from a news story to a phenomenon-driven, three-dimensional lesson opportunity.

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Resources in “Coronavirus Secondary Lesson Plan and Resources” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
Uncovering Student Ideas in Life Science, Volume 1: 25 New Formative Assessment User File Web Page
1 NSTA Blog: Coronavirus: What’s the Real Story? Lesson Plan by Will Reed

In this lesson, students will generate and prioritize questions about the coronavirus and evaluate scientific and/or technical information from multiple authoritative sources, assessing the evidence and usefulness of each source for answering their prioritized questions.

User File Web Page
2 NSTA Blog: Leveraging Science in the News, by Will Reed

What better way to drive student interest than by drawing from current news headlines?

User File Web Page
3 NSTA Blog: Coronavirus Meets…Physics? by Stephanie Duke

I just completed a unit of study about the novel coronavirus in (drumroll please) PHYSICS.

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4 Why do outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially...(Washington Post) User File Web Page
5 From the Centers for Disease Control: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The latest information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

User File Web Page
6 The Virus Debate Book Chapter PDF File
7 Outbreak! Cells, Pathogens, and Disease Journal Article PDF File
8 The Green Room: The Deadliest Infectious Diseases Journal Article PDF File
9 Anchoring Phenomenon Routine User File Web Page
10 Why Don't Antibiotics Work Like They Used To? User File Web Page
11 Viral News: Media Literacy for the 21st Century Journal Article PDF File
12 NSTA Forum discussion about the coronavirus User File Web Page