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This powerpoint explains how I use these tissue models when teaching histology to my anatomy and physiology students.

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A Collaborative Approach to Incorporating Statistics in the Physiology Classroom Journal Article PDF File
CDC Modeling Influenza's Spread User File Web Page - New Anatomy and Physiology Video

26 videos (30-60 min each); perhaps for flipped classroom

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Feel Better Faster: All About Flow Rate - Teach Engineering User File Web Page

includes brain hat, immune system game, etc

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online games; includes Whack a Bone and Poke a Muscle

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Intro to Biochem HD

Frank Gregorio trailer; 3:48 possible phenomenon to open biochemistry

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Making_Complex_Connections_in_Anatomy_and_Physiology_Simple.pdf User File PDF File
Teacher Guide for Earning Your White Coats: Medical School Research Book Chapter PDF File
Working Model Hearts Journal Article PDF File