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Resources in “Claims Evidence Reasoning High” Collection

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Archive: How Do You Know That? Helping Students Write About Claims and Evidence, December 12, 2012 Web Seminar Archive Web Page
Argument-Driven Inquiry Journal Article PDF File
Engaging Students in the Scientific Practices of Explanation and Argumentation Journal Article PDF File
Generate an Argument: An Instructional Model Journal Article PDF File
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Inquiry and Scientific Explanations: Helping Students Use Evidence and Reasoning Book Chapter PDF File
Marzano Tiers of Academic Vocabulary

A list and explanation of tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary. Excellent resource for building shared vocabulary.

User File Web Page
Teacher's Toolkit: Scientific Explanations and Arguments: Supporting Students With Explicit Reasoning in Argumentation Journal Article PDF File
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template used for small group whiteboards and posters. can also be used as smart notebook (smart board) template

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