NASA's Kepler Mission Collection


This collection has a variety of resources that allow students to learn more about the Kepler Mission which is looking for exoplanets.

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Resources in “NASA's Kepler Mission” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
Archive: Algebraic Equations: Transit Tracks—Finding Habitable Planets, January 30, 2013 Web Seminar Archive Web Page
Archive: The Search for Other Earths, March 12, 2012 Web Seminar Archive Web Page
ASP: Kepler Mission: A First Step Toward Finding Other Earths

This is a set of classroom activities allow students to model how scientists detect exoplanets.

User File Web Page
Discovery Channel Kepler-Mission Collection

This is a collection of the most recent articles that relate to the Kepler Mission.

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Human Orrery

An orrery is a model of the Solar System that illustrates the relative motions and positions of bodies in the Solar System. In this activity, students acts as the planets and create a model of our Solar System.

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Kepler | NASA

This is the home page for the NASA Kepler Mission.

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Kepler: Activities

These are links to many activities to be used in conjunction with learning about the Kepler Mission.

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Orbits of Jupiter's Moons

This is an activity that allows students to determine the period of Jupiter's moon and apply Kepler's 3rd law.

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Seeking Other Worlds Journal Article PDF File
Take Off With NASA’s Kepler Mission! Journal Article PDF File