Developing Spatial Skills Collection


Research has shown that lack of experience with spatial skill development keeps girls and underserved minorities from succeeding in engineering. This collection has research on this topic and resources to develop these skills in younger children

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Resources in “Developing Spatial Skills” Collection

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3-D Interactive Shapes

a great web site for playing with shapes

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article from one of the premier researchers on this topic

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Block Corner--a digital learning toy User File Web Page

research on the biggest stumbling block for girls in engineering--mental rotation of objects

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Improving_spatial_abilities_using_engineering_drawing.pdf User File PDF File
Improving_spatial_skill_development_in_young_girls.docx User File DOCX File
Introducing_engineering_into_the_first_grade_classroom.pdf User File PDF File

Auto-CAD is a free download for students and this is the intro so that a student can underdtand how to use. This kind of program can be very intimidating for students, especially girls, so this intro is very helpful

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Finding the visual-spatial strengths of children

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A good article on how to help students voice their thought processes as they learn to visualize and rotate drawings--a pre-engineering skill.

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This seems simple to adults, but it can be very difficult for girls.

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VIsual Spatial Reasoning

good link on the science behind the problem of learning visual-spatial reasoning

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Great summary of research on women and spatial skills

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