Origin and Organization of the Universe: Middle Collection


This collection will support the teaching of basic elements of the structure of the Universe and theories on how the Universe formed.

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Resources in “Origin and Organization of the Universe: Middle” Collection

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Archive: Discover the Universe - From Galileo to Today, January 20, 2009 Web Seminar Archive Web Page
Astronomical Scale of Stellar Distances Using 3-D Models Journal Article PDF File
External Resource: Hubble Deep Space Field Academy External Resource Web Page
Our Place in the Spongy Universe Journal Article PDF File
The Electromagnetic Spectrum: Using Light and Color to Search for Astronomical Origins Journal Article PDF File
Universe SciPack Web Page
Universe: The Sun as a Star Science Object Web Page
Universe: The Universe Beyond our Solar System Science Object Web Page
Windows to the Universe

Visit links to the Sun, and visit the planets and other small bodies in the Solar System. Find out about solar system formation, and facts about the bodies in the solar system. See news highlights, and archives of images of the Sun, planets, comets, and asteroids. Topics: planets, moons, asteroids, comets, stars.

User File Web Page

This NASA educators' guide has background information, lesson plans, and lesson activities geared at introducing students to the elements found in our universe and our connection to those elements.

User File PDF File