Viruses Collection


These are a number of activities that I use with my high school biology class when we are studying viruses.

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Resources in “Viruses” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
Antigenic Shift and Drift Journal Article PDF File
Biocrimes 411: Helping students understand the basics of biocrimes Journal Article PDF File
Biological Nanomachines: Viruses Book Chapter PDF File
Case Study: Chimpanzee Droppings Lead Scientists to Evolutionary Discovery Journal Article PDF File
Catching a Cold Book Chapter PDF File
CDC - Seasonal Influenza (Flu) - Flu Activity and Surveillance

This is the home page for all seasonal flu data. It is a great clearinghouse of data!

User File Web Page
CDC FluView Interactive

A great place to find current data on the flu season. This is very user friendly.

User File Web Page
Collaboration at the Nanoscale Journal Article PDF File
External Resource: Tracking the Flu, LabTV Video External Resource Web Page

I used this activity with my classes last week to help my students better understand how the CDC uses data to track the spread of influenza

User File PDF File

I used this webquest for all of my classes last week because I was home with the flu. Like many in the country, my school has been hit hard by influenza. I wanted my students to understand how the CDC collects influenza data and analyzes it for planning and prevention purposes.

User File PDF File
Podcast: The Public Health Rationale Behind FDAs Model Food Code and Its Application to the Classroom: Viruses and Cooking Podcast M4V File
The Virus Debate Book Chapter PDF File