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This collection can be used to help you explore energy in the context of Earth systems and stewardship.

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Resources in “Energy in Earth Systems” Collection

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Global Climate Change: NASA's Eyes on the Earth - Earth Science Week 2010

The goal of Earth Science Week, conducted annually by the American Geological Institute in partnership with NASA and other sponsors, is to encourage students, educators and the public to explore the natural world and learn about geosciences. This year's theme is Exploring Energy, and NASA is offering a variety of multimedia products and educational activities designed to improve understanding of energy resources and the role of energy in Earth's climate system.

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Global Climate Change: Resources for Environmental Literacy

Most scientists believe that Earth’s climate is changing and in fact heating up. However, they don’t all agree about the rate of change, the extent of the impact on our environment, or what can or should be done about it. This module is based on the premise that understanding what influences Earth’s energy balance is necessary (though not sufficient) to make sound decisions about climate change.

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Ocean's Effect on Climate and Weather: Global Circulation Patterns Science Object Web Page
Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate: Global Precipitation and Energy Science Object Web Page
Solar Radiation: Harnessing the Power Journal Article PDF File
Surface Air Temperature Trends of the Caribbean

his activity allows learners/students to use real satellite data to determine the changes in near-surface air temperature at different times of the year over the Caribbean Sea. Upon completion of the activity, learners should be able to state how Earth's tilt causes seasonal differences in incoming solar energy and state how satellite data is used to investigate the near-surface air temperature. Topics include: atmospheric circulation; energy concepts and forms; latitude; longitude; weather and

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The Early Years: The Sun's Energy Journal Article PDF File
The Interdisciplinary Study of Biofuels Journal Article PDF File