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The resources in this collection will help students and the teacher to clearly understand a new concept "gravity and orbits". As well, the students will be able to apply their understanding in formative assessments; this will help them to categorized their learning and the teacher will be able to check their understanding and misconceptions of the topic being learn.

  • Elementary

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Resources in “Sonia's Collection” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
Does the Moon Orbit the Earth? Book Chapter PDF File
Earth, Sun, and Moon: Our Moving Earth Science Object Web Page
Gravity and Orbits SciPack Web Page
Methods and Strategies: A New Use for Semantic Maps Journal Article PDF File
Science 101: What Is Gravity? Journal Article PDF File
Talking About Gravity Book Chapter PDF File
Teaching for Conceptual Understanding Journal Article PDF File
The Next Generation Science Standards and the Earth and Space Sciences Journal Article PDF File