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A collection of engineering resources to help meet NGSS requirements.

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Resources in “Engineering Resources” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
1Engineering_Design_Challange.docx User File DOCX File
Activity_-_What_makes_a_Better_Box[1].doc User File DOC File
eggbungeejump.pdf User File PDF File
Engineering_Design_Challange.docx User File DOCX File
Engineering_Wind_Turbines.pptx User File PPTX File
Naked_Egg_Drop___complete.docx User File DOCX File
Physics_Lab_Handout.docx User File DOCX File
Problem_Solving_Process.doc User File DOC File
Save the Penguins (heat transfer and engineering) User File Web Page
Save the Sea Birds (Solar Transportation Engineering) User File Web Page
Soda_Rockets.doc User File DOC File

Physics Project Rules

User File DOCX File