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Human Physiology in Space Outline

Long ago, human imagination created a world of mythical beings to explain the wonders of the visible heavens. This world, occupied by an assortment of larger than life reflections of human experience and personality, provided what seemed to be a rational and colorful explanation of the mysterious and obviously powerful events taking place in the sky. The creation of myth was driven by the human need to understand and explain the universe. During ancient times, observation was so limited that it

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International Space Station

Astronaut Don Pettit Shares Passion for Science from Space

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Letters to Earth: Astronaut Don Pettit

An Astronaut’s Guide to Space Etiquette

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Math and Science @ Work: Browse by Subject

NASA's Math and Science @ Work project provides challenging supplemental problems for students in advanced science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM classes including Physics, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry and Statistics, along with problems for advanced courses in U.S. History and Human Geography.

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NASA Brain Bites

What's The Ultimate Training Ground?

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Research Laboratories Series

Research laboratories at NASA are used in many ways to support missions and manned spaceflight.

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Selected Experiments on SSEP Mission 1 to ISS

The Student Spaceflight Experiments Program is proud to report that there were a total of 779 proposals submitted from student teams across the 12 communities participating in Mission 1 to ISS—by far the greatest number of proposals received for a SSEP flight opportunity to date.

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Skeletal System: Human Physiology In Space

June 12, 2012, Web Seminar Recorded Archive

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Skeletal System: Human Physiology In Space II

July 19, 2012, Web Seminar Recorded Archive

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Web Seminar PowerPoint Presentation

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July 19, 2012, Web Seminar PowerPoint Presentation

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Teaching From Space

Are you an educator who is interested in space exploration? Do you want to learn more about how you and your students can get involved in real space missions? NASA offers out-of-this-world experiences available to you!

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The Brain in Space Educators Guide

The study of the ways in which the body's brain, spinal cord and network of nerves control the activities of animals and humans is called neuroscience. This guide targets a high school audience and provides background material and activities related to NASA's Neurolab research.

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Train Like An Astronaut

Out-of-this-world activities for a healthier generation of kids

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