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This collection was chosen because it waswhat my teaching was going to be about. My collection is about weathering and erosion. The articles that were chosen were placed in the collection because they relate to weathering and erosion. The article "The Strongest Mountain" provides an activity that allows students to try and build the strongest mountain. This allows students to see that even the strongest mountain eventually goes through weathering and erosion. The article "This Land is Your Land" is about soil and how it is mistaken as not being a valuable resource and how erosion makes it hard for farmers when the soil is eroded. This article relates to the book chapter in the collection, "Where is Our Soil Going." I placed these in the collection to allow students to see that there are different kinds of erosion thats not just about rocks. I also placed a sci-pack of the Earth's changing surface to allow students to see the connection between weathing and erosion and everything thatit

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Resources in “Weathering/Erosion” Collection

Title Resource Type File Type
Earth's Changing Surface: Sculpting the Landscape Science Object Web Page
Explaining Glaciers, Accurately Journal Article PDF File
Formative Assessment Probes: Is It Erosion or Weathering? Journal Article PDF File
The Strongest Mountain Journal Article PDF File
This Land is Your Land Journal Article PDF File
Where Is Our Soil Going? Book Chapter PDF File