Testimonials Teacher working outside on his laptop computer. NSTA Online Short Courses are interactive professional development opportunities for educators. Participants experience the live web sessions and course materials using a computer with Internet access.

Participants of NSTA Online Short Courses appreciate the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable instructors and engage in rich discussions with other educators. Read testimonials shared by past participants.

I found the course very beneficial and I have come away with several ideas that I will be able to use in my classroom. To me that is the sign of an excellent course!

Alane Peragallo, middle school teacher, Virginia.

I liked the ability to speak directly to the instructor and moderator. I liked the ability to respond in different formats and I was overjoyed to use technology efficiently and to feel more comfortable with the resources.

Alice Mayoral, middle school teacher, Virginia.

I liked the convenience of attending class from my living room and interacting as I needed. Most of the information helped me personally, and the last session was directly pertinent to my students’ curriculum.

Janet Reichmuth, high school teacher, Kentucky.

The platform and online forum is a great way to engage individuals and increase learning.

Jim Carr, middle school teacher, Illinois

I have taken two NSTA Online Short Courses and I thoroughly enjoyed both. The class meetings fit in with my schedule and I benefited greatly from the interaction with other educators from around the world. Additionally, because of my school's continuing commitment to professional development, I was able to receive some tuition support. I came away from both classes with improved content knowledge and many ideas I can use in my elementary science classroom.

I knew online learning was for me when I was able to take my computer on vacation and sign in for class while sitting on a resort balcony overlooking the pool--what a way to learn! Thanks NSTA--I'm looking forward to the next Online Short Course!

Lower School Science Coordinator, Texas

I appreciated having [the Instructor] be able to answer questions and explain things to us. The [live web sessions] in conjunction with the book and SciPack were very good.

Elementary School Teacher, Alaska

Even though, I teach third grade inclusion and we do not have a unit on force and motion, this course has been quite meaningful. The visual, comics, simulations, and the [live web sessions] have helped me better understand Newton's Laws of Motion.

Elementary School Teacher, New York

I really enjoyed becoming familiar with new technology. It is interesting to be learning alongside other teachers from around the country.

Middle School Teacher, California

I really like the interaction available for each participant. The ability to hear the presenters and participants and use a whiteboard is extremely helpful.

Elementary School Teacher, Michigan

Although I have taken several physics courses, I find physics a very difficult area of science. The course was very beneficial in reviewing key concepts and forcing me to examine my own understanding. I was so impressed with the software used I'm still talking about it with my colleagues.

High School Teacher, Indiana

I learned that the only thing to fear from accessing new technology and teaching methods is the fear itself. A very enjoyable way to spend the summer. Hope to participate next year if another course is offered!!!

Paul Zimmer, High School Teacher, Chicago

Earth, Sun and Moon

It gave me further resources and connections to broaden my own and my students understanding of the seasons.

Stephanie Ott-Zurcher, middle school teacher, Pennsylvania

Gravity and Orbits

I learned a lot in this class – tonight for instance, I learned about precession, about how the forces of inertia/momentum and gravity interact, and I better understand Kepler’s laws. This helps my understanding of gravity and orbits and should make it more effective when responding to student questions. Also, I’ve gotten a better idea about what sources to use in an inquiry setting

Mark Goldsmith, middle school teacher, Connecticut

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