NSTA Virtual Conference

Embracing STEM

Computer Requirements Librarian works at her desk with a computer. NSTA Online Short Courses are interactive professional development opportunities for educators. Participants experience the live web sessions and course materials using a computer with Internet access.

The NSTA virtual conference is an interactive learning experience that requires a computer with internet access. To ensure access to the virtual conference, we strongly recommend that you test entry to the Blackboard Collaborate room by completing the following steps:

  1. The Blackboard Collaborate Launcher makes joining sessions and playing recordings simple and reliable.
    Download and install Blackboard launcher:

    Blackboard Launcher Quick Reference Guide
    Blackboard Collaborate Launcher - FAQ

  2. Go to the Blackboard Collaborate CONFIGURATION ROOM. If you get into the configuration room, then everything should work well for you on the day of the live presentation.
  3. To become familiar with the features of Blackboard Collaborate check out the tool's QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE [PDF] and watch this 7-minute RECORDED ORIENTATION.

If you encounter technical problems or have questions, please contact Web Seminars Technical Support at webseminars@nsta.org

System Requirements for Blackboard Collaborate mobile web conferencing
Mobile (Android)
Mobile (iOS)

Available Web Conferencing Functions for Mobile Participants:
  • Viewing the Whiteboard.
  • Viewing an Application on another user's desktop.
  • Access to breakout rooms.
  • Sending and receiving chat messages with the entire room.
  • Listening to other speakers and speaking to the room.
  • Responding to polls.
Web Conferencing Functions not Available for Mobile Participants:
  • Private Chat
  • Live Video
  • File Transfer
  • Multimedia Library
  • Annotation on the Whiteboard
  • Recording Playback

For more information contact webseminars@nsta.org