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Erica K. Jacobsen
Erica K. Jacobsen Erica K. Jacobsen is a chemical education consultant. She currently develops materials for the American Chemical Society (ACS) ChemClub program, writes for ChemMatters magazine, and contributes to the Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) ChemEd Xchange. She worked at JCE for over ten years, serving as its Precollege Chemistry editor. Prior to that, she taught grades 11 and 12 chemistry, AP chemistry, and physics. She also volunteers as an ACS Science Coach, teaching science to K–8 students at Columbia Lutheran School in The Dalles, Oregon.

Rachel Murillo
Rachel Murillo Rachel Murillo has taught since 1995, focusing on science education for the past 17 years. She has a master’s degree in Forensic Anthropology and a teaching credential in Biological Sciences. Currently she teaches forensic science and anatomy/physiology at McBride High School in Long Beach, California. She is currently creating a Capstone source for Forensic Science with a Career and Technical Education focus. She has developed a complete curriculum for On-Line Communities of Practice and co-authored the curriculum Literacy and Writing in Science: LAWS.

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