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Erica K. Jacobsen Erica K. Jacobsen
Erica K. Jacobsen is a chemical education consultant. She currently develops materials for the American Chemical Society (ACS) ChemClub program and contributes to the Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) ChemEd Xchange. She worked at JCE for over ten years, serving as its Precollege Chemistry editor. Prior to that, she taught chemistry, AP chemistry, and physics. She also volunteers as an ACS Science Coach, teaching science to K–8 students at Columbia Lutheran School in The Dalles, Oregon.

Michael Tinnesand Michael Tinnesand
Michael Tinnesand received his B.S. and M.S. Degrees from the University of Oregon. Now retired, he taught chemistry and biochemistry in Oregon for 22 years, and then moved to the American Chemical Society (ACS) for 12 years. Tinnesand was the Associate Director of the ACS Education Division, responsible for elementary school through undergraduate education programs. He is a frequent contributor to ChemMatters magazine and has participated in a number of ACS web seminars.

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