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National Agriculture in the Classroom National Center for Agricultural Literacy

Andrea Gardner Andrea Gardner
Andrea Gardner is an Education Specialist with the National Center for Agricultural Literacy at Utah State University. Andrea has a B.S. degree Agricultural Education and an M.S. in Agricultural Science and Technology. Her master’s research examined the effects of integrating math into agricultural curriculum. Currently she develops, curates, and manages the instructional content found on the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix, an online database for K-12 educators which contextualizes standards in science, social studies, and nutrition education to increase agricultural literacy.

Debra Spielmaker Debra Spielmaker
Debra Spielmaker is a Professor at Utah State University in the School of Applied Sciences, Technology, and Education. Dr. Spielmaker is also the Team Leader of the National Center for Agricultural Literacy. For 18 years, Debra directed the Utah Agriculture in the Classroom program at Utah State University. She has conducted numerous teacher professional development trainings for hundreds of university education majors and practicing teachers statewide. She has created nearly 200 classroom-ready resources for K-12 teachers in the areas of science, social studies, nutrition, and career and technical education. She believes that agriculture is the ideal theme to contextualize academic content, meet educational standards, and that everyone should understand agriculture as it affects their quality of life and their environment.

Lindsey Verhaeghe Lindsey Verhaeghe
Lindsey grew up on a ranch in Southern Alberta and is a proud AGvocate! She has a degree in communications and has spent the last decade teaching children where their food comes from. Since 2009, Lindsey has worked for Agrium Inc., an international plant nutrient and agriculture retail company. Her primary focus is sponsoring youth education programs such as Seed Survivor, Journey 2050, Farmers 2050 and Caring for our Watersheds.

Stephanie Enaire and Morgan Kerr Stephanie Enaire and Morgan Kerr
Enaire and Kerr use a school garden, a watershed project and a classroom embryology project to teach across the curriculum to foster sustainability in the minds of their fifth, sixth, and seventh graders a love of the environment and an appreciation of the importance of agriculture.

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National Agriculture in the Classroom National Center for Agricultural Literacy
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