The Science of Modern Agriculture: Engineering Machines, Sensors and Drones

Val Bayes Val Bayes
Valerie Bayes holds a degree in Biological Sciences from University of Missouri-Columbia and a Master's Degree from Lindenwood University in Teaching with certification in secondary biology. She serves as Monsanto’s STEM Engagement Lead in Saint Louis, Missouri. Growing up Valerie often found her curiosity getting her into trouble. From building treehouses out of recycled materials to jumping off the roof with an umbrella – asking “why” and “how” she has always been the curious type asking about phenomena and testing hypothesis. She is a strong advocated for the scientific method. Her work is focuses on creating authentic agricultural experiences demonstrating the sophistication and integral nature of STEM through agriculture.

Jennifer Becker Jennifer Becker
Jennifer Becker graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Chemical Engineering and is the Optimization Lead for the Innovation Engineering group. She is responsible for implementing strategies to increase profitability or reduce risk typically within a highly matrixed team structure. Her 20 years of diverse experiences include process engineering, maintenance engineering, product development, risk management. She had held leadership roles with an operating budget of $40+M. Often, she leads teams that are in crisis. She is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Practitioner and Lean Trainer and has taught in North America and Europe.

Jarrett Ceglinski Jarrett Ceglinski
Jarrett has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois. He been an engineer with Monsanto for the last 9 years. He started his career as a Small Capital Project Manager executing projects a seed production and seed research facilities across the United States. For the last 5 years Jarrett has been an Automation Engineer with Monsanto’s Innovation Engineering Team, building custom innovative solutions to some of Modern Agriculture’s toughest problems across the globe.

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