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Do Stars Move Across the Sky? Transforming Middle Grade Science Misconceptions into Understanding

Larry Hanna
Teacher, Woodham Middle School, Pensacola, FL

Larry Hanna Larry Hanna is a 7th/8th grade teacher in a computer lab at Woodham Middle School in Pensacola, Florida. He has been teaching in Escambia County since 1978, the last 25 years in middle school. At the present time he is using Britannica Pathways: Science as an enrichment course to help increase science proficiency in his students. He works with the science teachers in his school to supplement what is being taught in their classes.

Larry received his education completely in Pensacola, graduating from Pensacola High School (1970), Pensacola Junior College (1972), and the University of West Florida (1974). He and his wife Martha have two grown children, Laura and Robert.

Sara Torpey
Britannica Digital Learning

Sara Torpey Sara Torpey is a Curriculum Specialist with Britannica Digital Learning. She travels throughout the country to introduce the company’s resources to schools and libraries, with a special focus on the products’ curriculum applications to the Common Core and state standards. She is well-versed on the topics of digital literacy and digital citizenship and has a strong interest in strengthening the collaboration between classroom teachers and school librarians related to 21st century skill development. Before joining Britannica, Sara spent ten years as a middle school math and science teacher, elementary and middle school math coach, and part-time lecturer in mathematics at the collegiate level. Sara lives with her family in Doylestown, PA.

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