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Climate Change Research at the USDA Forest Service: What We Have Learned over the last 20 Years

Vicki Arthur
Vicki Arthur Vicki Arthur, U.S. Forest Service, D.C. Headquarters, Conservation Education Office Vicki Arthur is a Conservation Education Specialist with a background in biology and environmental education.

Vicki holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Education from Southern Oregon University and a BS in Biology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

Vicki joined the Forest Service Conservation Education staff 2 years ago, from a position as a wildlife biologist in Oregon. While working as a biologist, Vicki developed a passion for translating science to education, which she continues to enjoy in her new role.

Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Franco
Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Francor Carlos Rodríguez- Franco received his Bachelor in Agronomy with major in Forest Sciences from Chapingo Autonomous University, his Master of Sciences in Silviculture from Chapingo Postgraduate College, and his doctorate in Forest Sciences from Yale University with a specialty in silviculture. Since 2007, he is the current US Forest Service Research and Development Forest Management Sciences staff director. Before that he worked for the USDA Agricultural Research Service and was in charge of the research collaboration with Latin America and Canada. In Mexico worked for the National Institute of Forestry, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Research (INIFAP) for 25 years. He was the former Forestry Research General Director at INIFAP from 1996 to 2000.

He has written 90 scientific articles on subjects related to forest inventories, silviculture, forest management, plant production techniques, forest plantations, and agroforestry systems published in Mexico and the USA. He has taught silviculture, forest stands growth, and forest sampling at Chapingo Autonomous University and the Colegio de Postgraduados from 1982 to 1999. He has conducted 28 bachelors, 20 Master of Sciences and 3 Doctoral theses. He authored a book in Spanish titled “Sampling designs applied to forest inventories”. Some of his contributions were his participation in the “Forestry Compendium” published by CAB International in the United Kingdom, and the book “Pines of silvicultural importance” that was published by CAB International in 2002, and a chapter in the book “Urban air pollution and Forests: Resources at risk in the Mexico City Air Basin” which was published by SpringerVerlag, New York in its ecological studies series.

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