ExxonMobil FoundationThe Key Role of Educational Leadership in the Changing STEM Landscape

Carol O’Donnell
Carol O’Donnell Carol O’Donnell is Director of the Smithsonian Science Education Center, dedicated to transforming the learning and teaching of science throughout the nation and world. Previously, Dr. O’Donnell was a leader in the Office of State Support at the US Department of Education, supporting States and districts to sustain education reforms and improve student outcomes. A former K-12 teacher, curriculum developer, and researcher, Dr. O'Donnell also serves on the faculty for the Physics Department at George Washington University.

Amy D’Amico
Amy D’Amico Amy D’Amico joined the Smithsonian Science Education Center in 2013 as the Division Director of Professional Services. Previously, Dr. D’Amico was a member of the faculty in the Biology Department at Georgetown University, where she maintains a position as an Adjunct Faculty member. Dr. D’Amico has 19 years of experience as an educator that began by teaching middle school for the Cambridge Public Schools in Massachusetts. While in Cambridge, she also worked on educational projects with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and the American Museum of Natural History. Dr. D’Amico earned her Ph.D. in Biology from Northeastern University.

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