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All web seminar participants use online tools that allow them to mark-up presenter's slides or share desktop applications in addition to engaging in chat with others online and answering poll questions

This Web Seminar took place on April 14, 2009 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Presenting was Brian Short from NSTA and Jericho High School Teacher, Serena McCalla, 2009 Grade Category 10-12 Regional ExploraVision Winner. The presenters gave an overview of the ExploraVision program and gave examples of National Standards that could be addressed in the classroom through the ExploraVision program.

This is the fourth of four Web Seminars about the Toshiba ExploraVision program. The presenters gave participants a look at the general program requirements and focused on specific details that teacher/coaches would need to be able to start the program with their students. Ms. McCalla talked about how to use the ExploraVision program as an instructional tool while having the students work on the necessary program tasks. She gave a personal account of how she used the program with her classes and how the students responded. Members of the NSTA and Toshiba teams assisted in answering participant questions on the chat.

Twenty-one (21) participants were present at the live Web Seminar in addition to the presenter NSTA, and Toshiba staff. Participating educators represented the states of Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. One participant attended the Web Seminar from Canada.

Seminar participants received a one year subscription to one of NSTA’s SciGuides and a certificate of attendance was deposited into their My Transcript area in the NSTA Learning Center for completing the evaluation form at the end of the program.

Here are some comments provided by the participants at the end of the Web Seminar:

  • “ExploraVision is something that I was always interested in trying and this web seminar will help me to try next year. Thank you!”

  • “The presentation by staff AND a teacher are a nice balance. The questions from teachers round out the program.”

  • “Gave me information that I needed in order to get started in the fall to participate in ExploraVision.”

  • “It gave me an idea for a way to incorporate technology research into my classroom, which I don't do much of right now..”

Thanks to the participants and the presenter for the learning opportunity, the interactions, and a job well done!


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