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Dalia Kirschbaum
Dr. Dalia Kirschbaum is a NASA research physical scientist and is the Applications Science Lead for NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement mission. She studies natural disasters and conducts research to assist countries in mitigating the negative impact of disasters. One particular area of interest for her is using global precipitation data to help identify regions that are prone to potential landslides. As GPM Applications Scientist, she provides scientific support for applications research and activities for the Precipitation Measurement Missions (PMM).

Dorian Janney
Dorian Janney is a NASA Education/Communications Specialist with the GPM science team. She taught across all grade levels during her 33-year tenure as a classroom teacher, and holds her NBPTC in Science/Early Adolescence. An NSTA member for over 25 years, she enjoyed being a NSTA Learning Center online advisor for several years before joining NASA.

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