Supporting the Implementation of NGSS through Research: Engineering

Tamara J. Moore
Tamara J. Moore As a former high school teacher, Tamara has been working on using engineering as a context to teach mathematics and science since leaving the classroom. Tamara is an Associate Professor of Engineering Education and the Director of STEM Integration in INSPIRE at Purdue University. Her work focuses on defining STEM integration, especially using engineering to tie STEM disciplines together, and investigating its power for student learning. She is the Principal Investigator on EngrTEAMS: Engineering to Transform the Education of Analysis, Measurement, and Science, a National Science Foundation Mathematics and Science Partnership project, that focuses on curriculum development and implementation of engineering-design based integrated STEM units in grades 4-8. In 2012, Tamara received a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) for her work with underrepresented, urban youth.

Şenay Purzer
Şenay Purzer Şenay is an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University and the co-editor of Engineering in Pre-College Settings: Synthesizing Research, Policy, and Practices. Her research passion is improving student learning and design decision-making through engineering and classroom assessment that can capture and facilitate such learning among individuals and teams. Her most recent project examines middle and high school students' abilities to make design decisions by analyzing simulation data created by an open-source computer-aided design software called Energy3D. Funded by the National Science Foundation, this research project involves collaborations with the Concord Consortium as well as urban school teachers in Indiana and Massachusetts.

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