The National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) Supporting the Implementation of the NGSS through Research: Professional Development

Ana Houseal
Ana Houseal Dr. Ana Houseal is a former special education and middle school science teacher. She is currently the Science Outreach Educator for the Science and Mathematics Teaching Center at the University of Wyoming. Her research interests include: Student-teacher-scientist and Citizen Science partnerships; Integration of NGSS, curriculum development and accompanying PD models within school districts in Wyoming; and National Park Service projects – focusing on education, interpretation (and their outcomes) in the parks.

Julie Luft
Julie Luft Dr. Julie Luft graduated from the University of Iowa in 1994, after teaching middle and high school science for 5 years. She currently holds an adjunct appointment in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University. Her work focuses on beginning secondary science teachers, and undergraduate faculty knowledge and instruction.

Luft has served on the board and as President of ASTE, as a council member for NSTA, as the Director of Research of NSTA, as a board member of NSTA, as the NSTA representative to the NARST board, and as an Associate Editor for the Electronic Journal of Science Education and the School Science and Mathematics journal. She was also the first scholar in residence at NSTA.

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