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Analyzing Solar Energy Graphs: MY NASA DATA

Where in the United States would the use of solar panels be most effective? This web seminar featured the “Solar Cell Energy Availability From Around the Country” activity from MY NASA DATA. The activity allows student to compare the monthly averages of surface downward radiation in various locations around the United States and analyze areas where the climate would be more or less conducive to having solar panels. Web seminar participants found out how they can guide students on a journey around the United States to determine solar radiation available for use with solar cells and analyze overlay plots to determine how they compare to difference plots with data from NASA satellites


This web seminar is part of a series of electronic professional development experiences sponsored by the NASA Explorer Schools (NES) project. NASA Explorer Schools invests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educators to inspire and engage a whole generation of future scientists, engineers and technicians that NASA needs to continue our journey. NES gives educators of grades 4-12 free access to NASA’s people, missions, research, and facilities. We take the work out of searching through thousands of materials on the NASA website and provide a comprehensive set of teaching materials for dozens of STEM concepts. For additional information about the NASA Explorer Schools project, visit

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