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How to Lead a Study Group on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) First Public Draft

Harold Pratt
Harold Pratt Harold Pratt served as President of NSTA in 2001-2002 and as Senior Program Officer at the National Research Council where he helped to develop the National Science Education Standards. Other positions included Project Director at BSCS, Executive Director of Curriculum for the Jefferson County (CO) Public Schools in Colorado. He has co-authored or directed the development of three science textbooks, a book on educational leadership, and published numerous articles and book chapters. He is currently a science education consultant and serves as an advisor to NSTA on standards-related efforts.

Ted Willard
Ted Willard Ted Willard is a Program Director for NSTA. In that role, he oversees the COMPASS Project which is an effort to support teachers in implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Prior to joining NSTA this winter, Ted spent 12 years at Project 2061. There he was responsible for the development of the growth-of-understanding maps published in Atlas of Science Literacy, Volume 2. The maps in Atlas portray the relationships between specific learning goals and show how students’ understanding of key science ideas and skills might develop from kindergarten through 12th grade. Ted also was involved in many other areas of Project 2061’s efforts towards standards-based education reform including curriculum resources development, assessment development, and science education research. He contributed to several National Science Digital Library projects and led Project 2061’s “Using Atlas of Science Literacy” workshops and other professional development activities.

Earlier in his career, Ted spent five years teaching high school physics at a boarding school in Asheville, North Carolina and five years editing elementary and high school science textbooks for the Globe Book Company (now part of Pearson) and Harcourt Brace (now part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt).

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