NGSS Core Ideas: Earth’s Place in the Universe
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Julia Plummer
Julia Plummer Julia Plummer spent more than a decade teaching children and adults in planetariums and has extensive experience teaching college-level introductory astronomy. Her research interests focus on how children and adults engage in scientific practices in the domain of astronomy. This includes investigating both formal and informal learning environments and the importance of spatial reasoning in the domain. Her research has led to the development of astronomy learning progressions focused on explaining celestial motion phenomena and connecting observations of the current solar system to how the solar system formed. Julia has co-authored a middle school astronomy curriculum and collaborated on the development of planetarium programs for children. She is co-PI on the NSF-funded My Sky Tonight, a research and development project focused on supporting informal educators in engaging young children in astronomy. Julia received a combined Ph.D. in Astronomy & Education from the University of Michigan.

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